First real post, and it’s political. Surprised? I wouldn’t be 😉

Anyways, it has recently come to my attention that birth control MAY become free to anyone with insurance. According to the Huffington Post:

The Obama Administration commissioned the non-partisan Institute of Medicine (IOM) panel to recommend which preventative health services all insurance plans should fully cover under the Affordable Care Act. In addition to covering birth control, the IOM suggested in its report that health insurers pay for HPV testing, contraceptive and lactation counseling, HIV screening and breast-feeding equipment.

While this is still a long way off from being made law, this is a really great start, especially for girls like me who aren’t exactly rolling in dough. In light of all of the legislation that has been proposed and passed this year to restrict women’s access to family planning, it’s nice to see someone standing up for women’s health.


On a less controversial note- Chad and I just discovered Parks & Recreation, and I’m SO glad we did. We’ve finally gotten caught up on 30 Rock, so it’s been pretty easy to transition over to a show written by another female SNL alum. I’d say Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, and Kristen Wiig are the triumvirate of female comics right now, and it’s really exciting that they’re getting access to venues for their hilarity. Keep the awesomeness coming, girls! 🙂