Chad and I have been talking about extending our family for several months now. We’ve been researching, saving, and practicing our new life with our friends’ babies so that the transition would be as smooth as possible, whenever it did happen.


Looks like in December, we’re going to be parents!

To a baby golden retriever!


(this is not our puppy, but this is about what our puppy will look like when we pick him/her up)


I can’t even begin to describe the amount of research we’ve put in towards figuring out which breed would be best for us, before narrowing it down to a golden retriever, a border collie, and a pug. We finally decided to go with a golden retriever, because A) THEY’RE SO PRECIOUS, and B) my parents have one and we’re a little more familiar with how that dog operates.

The next decision to make was whether to get a rescue or a puppy from a breeder. The rescue option was eliminated after a cursory search of EVERY PET ADOPTION AGENCY FROM HERE TO TALLAHASSE. Most of them didn’t have what we were looking for, and the few that did were almost as expensive as buying from a breeder.

Finding the breeder was easy enough, since our mutual friends just bought a black lab puppy from one near where we live currently. His prices are good, his facilities are well taken care of (I got to see the place when I went with my friends to pick up the puppy), and he is meticulous about the health and wellness of his dogs. So we looked on his website, but unfortunately, the most recent litter of golden puppies would be ready to pick up in just a few weeks, which was too soon for us to adequately prepare a home for our new puppy. Chad emailed the breeder anyway, and asked if he thought there might be puppies available closer to December, which is the time frame I had set at the beginning of this puppy search as the earliest time I wanted to adopt. By then, I’d be out of school and my job would be on hiatus for the month, and so there would be at least one parent home all the time with the puppy to train it and nurture it during its transition into our home.

Well, we just got an email back saying that there is a litter of golden puppies due in October, which would be ready to pick up in December! This gives us plenty of time to save for our new bundle of joy, to stockpile food and supplies, and to generally get in the right mindset of being new parents. Thankfully, we’ve already had lots of practice with our friends’ dog, so we’re under no illusions about the realities of owning a puppy and what that entails. The most important thing to us is to go into this adoption process as prepared as possible, and to not just get overwhelmed with cuteness.

Nevertheless, everything is coming into place so perfectly, and I’m so grateful for that. I will update more about this saga as it unfolds!


(Here’s some more 8-week old puppy videos and pictures, which is how old he/she will be when we get him/her. It’s the best I can do right now as far as providing a visual guide for my excitement!)





Also, I couldn’t resist making this post seem even slightly like a pregnancy announcement. I know a whole slew of pregnant women/new moms, and it’s put babies on my brain! I think getting a puppy is a much safer outlet for my maternal instincts, right now, though 😉