(I feel bad that I am updating this blog so sparsely, but at the same time, when you’re as exhausted as I am, it’s hard to feel guilty about neglecting things. I’ve never been so worn out in my life, and that’s not to complain, because I’ve also never been happier, but I’m still working on finding a good balance for my schedule :P)

So we have put the down payment on our puppy. It feels weird to say that, because we are already considering this puppy as our child, and you don’t generally put down payments on children. BUT, it’s done, and now we’re doing everything we can to get ready for it. That involves:


1) Weekly trips to PetSmart to buy a new item for the puppy (we’ve gotten his food dish, water dish, leash, collar, some toys, and his nail clippers so far.)

2) Voraciously reading everything about Goldens we can get our hands on, in order to know as much as possible about the breed before we have one.

3) Learning about training techniques, so that we can make our puppy a responsible member of society.

4) Looking for houses instead of apartments for when we move, so that we can give our puppy a yard and some more space (he’s just going to have to be in the apartment for the first few months we have him, but our reasoning is that he will still be so small that an apartment, combined with walks and trips to the grandparents’ houses, will give him enough room to play).

5) Watching YouTube videos of Golden puppies romping, fighting, swimming, and generally being adorable, in case we ever forget how excited we are to have one (I don’t think that’s possible, but hey.)


Needless to say, we’ve got puppy fever. The puppies are going to be born sometime in October, and since we’ve already laid claim to one, we will be making several visits to the farm in order to get better acquainted with ours before we take him home. Expect pictures :). Until then, all I can give you are precious YouTube videos that we’ve gone crazy over. Like this: