(I am an Ambassador for Stop Traffick Fashion, an online store that sells products made by survivors of human trafficking, in order to help them become financially independent and completely escape the cycle of poverty that lures so many girls into being trafficked. This (my ambassadorship) means that occasionally, they will send me blog posts, and I have agreed to post them and share with my friends. I’m not getting paid for this, I just think it’s a great cause and a great organization. I’m bringing this up so that you can know who actually wrote this post, which I think is best for you and STF)


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The question might be startling to you, but there’s no doubt you have slaves working for you. They might not be in your house or in your back yard, but they exist all around the world in the supply chain of products you buy.

Call + Response just released a new website and app called Slavery Footprint. The opening page tells a little bit about your possible misconceptions about the end of slavery and why you still have slaves in your supply chain. Then you can take a survey about your lifestyle and products that you own to find out how many slaves they estimate work for you. The survey includes things like your location, family, food, medicine/cosmetics, gadgets and clothing. I just completed the survey and it estimates that I have 39 slaves working for me.


Now as with any STF blog post or any information you get from the modern day abolitionist movement, the point is not to scare you or paralyze you. It should make you mad. It should make you think. Most importantly, it should turn you into an everyday abolitionist. The website provides great tips for how you can spread the word and take action. So head over to the website and get started! Of course, we’ll do our best to keep the ideas for action coming, as well. Remember, small changes will add up.