Because I’ve recently come to the end of a very stressful period in my life, only to find I am currently living in what can only be called Pre-Gilead, I thought it would be a good idea to take some time to appreciate the things in my life that aren’t making me pull a Farnsworth:

Obviously, friends/family/etc always make me happy, so just know that I love you all, even though you’re not on this specific list. You all blow this list out of the water, anyway 😉

In no particular order- these are a few of my (current) favorite things:

1) My crockpot.

Because I love delicious food, and I also love saving money. And now that I’ve finally pulled my wedding gift from my in-laws out of storage, (sorry!) I can have both! Pinterest has been a goldmine of excellent crockpot recipes, and I’ve made quite a few doozies, but my all-time favorite has got to be cilantro lime chicken. It’s one of the cheapest, easiest, and by far THE most delicious thing I’ve ever cooked. So naturally, I’ve copied the recipe, courtesy of Pip & Ebby:

Mix together one 24-ounce jar of medium or mild salsa, the juice from one lime, 1/4 cup freshly chopped cilantro, and one 1.25-oz package of taco seasoning.
Coat 4-6 completely de-thawed chicken breasts with this mixture in the crockpot, and let it simmer on low for 6 hours (Mine only took about 4 hours, so just keep an eye on it).

We made chicken tacos with this recipe, and it has skyrocketed to easily the top 5 best dishes I’ve ever made. MAYBE the best ever, but who’s counting, right?

(picture also from Pip & Ebby page)

2) Jon Stewart

Yes, I’m aware he makes it onto every “things that make me happy list”. But seriously, can you blame me? In a world that makes me want to pull my brains out through my ears, Jon Stewart can point to exactly what frustrates me the most, and then make me laugh about it. Like this video, which says everything I want to say, but more succinctly, and way more hilariously:

3) Running

Well, maybe not running in and of itself, but the fact that I’ve talked about getting into running for years now, and I’m finally doing it. I’m not going to win any speed or long distance awards right now, and my personal best distance is only 2.21 miles, but for this girl, that’s a lot. I’m excited to have a physical fitness goal that I can work towards that doesn’t involve a jean size or a number on a scale. Also, I plan on running at least one 5k this year, so I’m excited to have that new experience.

4) i can has internets?

This is probably going to sound really lame, but I love the internet. I could spend hours discovering new corners of the internet, or revisiting familiar ones. I think my favorite part of the internet is seeing how people take and manipulate modern popular culture, creating an entirely new subculture in the process. Memes are what come to mind specifically, but .gifs, tumblr accounts, and other such internet products are also equally exciting to me. Not to get all sociological, but these units of culture are often excellent indicators of the moral and cultural preoccupations of our society (scumbag Steve, anyone?), and I can’t be the only person who has felt more connected to society and a little bit less alone when reading them (socially awkward penguin, anyone?).

They’re also hilarious, so there’s that.


Lastly, (and everyone probably knows this already, but I have to include it)- Jeopardy! is making me very, very happy.


Because a few weeks ago, I got an email saying that they’d like me to fly up to Washington D.C. to audition to be on the show!

I’ve done this before. I’ve been a huuuuge Jeopardy nerd since I was a little girl, and I’ve auditioned for every age group of Jeopardy as I’ve passed through them (kids, teen, college, and now adult). I’ve never gotten on the show, but (obviously) I hope this time might be the charm. Either way, it’s a crazy fun experience, and the weekend trip to D.C. will be exciting enough in and of itself. I’m very glad Jeopardy has given me the opportunity to have a nice weekend out of town with Chad. I will be SURE to blog about that when the time comes!

And now, the thing that would currently make me the happiest- sleep- is calling. Good night, everyone!