I love memes, especially when they’re memes that apply to my life. So imagine my excitement when I found the Sociology Student Sheep tumblr on Pinterest yesterday? 59 pages of memes, most of which could have been pulled from my very own mind, made for one very happy girl yesterday afternoon.

Since I didn’t want to blow up my friends’ news feeds on Facebook by posting all of the pictures that I liked from that tumblr, I figured I’d just share some of my favorites here. 🙂

I freaking love the sociological imagination. I firmly believe the world would be a much better place if everyone had one.

Nothing better than Sociological pick-up lines 😉

Pretty sure this actually happened to me *facepalm*

This is my reaction every time I get into any sort of debate with people.

It’s really not that hard.

This is seriously the story of my life. I apologize profusely to anyone that I’ve done this to; I can’t imagine how annoying this would be to someone who isn’t as irrationally obsessed with this stuff as I am 🙂

So true. As someone who believes almost all of human behavior is socially constructed/influenced, this is very annoying to hear.

Having a sociological imagination makes it very hard to function sometimes.

And, last, but definitely not least:

While my major wasn’t technically Sociology, I definitely had this very realization once I took my first Sociology course. It was a cool feeling, to see all of my interests (gender, religion, history, politics, etc) come together in one field that just clicked with me.  I’m very excited that I have at least two more years (and hopefully more than that) to spend studying Sociology.

I hope you all find something that makes you as geekily (?) passionate as I am about Sociology- be it your major, your career, or just a fun hobby. It’s a pretty great feeling, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything 🙂