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I’ve been battling myself over whether or not to write a post on this, especially following another controversial post like the one I just did on Feminism. I ultimately decided that it would be a good idea, especially now that I’ve calmed down enough about this (I was livid for several weeks straight, and a post written then would have just been uncomfortably rage-filled) to write without fire coming out of my eyes. This is also something that is important to me, and I need to share my thoughts on the issue.

I am talking about the birth control debate that has been going on in our society for the past few months. That’s what this post will be about, so if you’re not feeling really political right now, just jump to the bottom of the page, where I’ve shared a nice video about some cute animals 🙂

Story/Confession time with Lauren  (WARNING if you’re squeamish about “fun” lady times):

I use the Pill in order to function in society, even when my body would naturally have me home, throwing up everything my stomach lining could get its metaphorical hands on. Before I was on the Pill, I would have menstrual cramps so bad that I had no choice but to stay home from school/work, usually for a few days, until my body calmed the heck down. I’m talking “get-dangerously-close-to-overdosing-on-medicine-and-still-wanting-to-rip-your-uterus-out” kinds of cramps, in which passing out was usually more effective of a painkiller than Advil (I do not exaggerate). I always knew this time was coming because I would usually turn into a demonic version of myself in the preceeding weeks (I could set my biological clock to the insane fights I would start with people). Now that I’m on the Pill, everything is hunky-dory, my pain is manageable, and I still start stupid fights, but that’s usually just because I’m hungry.

I shared that incredibly personal part of my life because there seems to be a lot of misconceptions lately about what exactly the Pill does. So please, to everyone who thinks that the Pill is about a free license to have sex, and why-should-I-pay-for-you-whores-to-sleep-around, just understand that it is so much more than that to many women (myself included). In addition to helping Chad and I plan when we have kids based on when we feel we’d be most financially and emotionally prepared to provide for them (I know, so irresponsible of us!), the Pill treats real, medical conditions that seriously affect my life.

I know there are a lot of people in this country who want to use religious freedom as a reason not to provide insurance coverage for the Pill, and I have a problem with that. You see, we do have a lot of religious freedom in this country, but that freedom also (theoretically) stops when the well-being of another person is at stake. For example, religious freedom doesn’t stop us from arresting serial polygamists and pedophiles, and it doesn’t protect you from being arrested for child endangerment if you deny your child medicine in favor of prayer. Religious freedom should not be used as an excuse to limit access to the Pill for the countless number of women, like myself, who rely on the Pill for serious health conditions, and who frequently cannot afford the prescriptions they need.

Also, I’ve heard a lot of arguments being made against insurance-provided birth control to the effect of “birth control is available for only $9, so I shouldn’t have to pay for you to get the more expensive stuff”. I’m going to assume these people don’t understand how the Pill works, but that $9 prescription you can get from WalMart would not do a thing for my health problems. Each specific pill formula has a different effect on every woman, and you cannot just substitute in a different version because it’s cheaper. Sorry. I have about a $75 copay for my Pill, and the one time I tried a cheaper version, it was like I wasn’t on the Pill at all.

I’m not some prima-donna who can’t live without her Gucci purse and her name-brand medicine, and there is no way that my sexual life could be misconstrued as slutty, even by a pig like Rush Limbaugh (although I have such a big problem with slut-shaming anyway). I’m just a woman who is trying to get affordable access to medicine that I desperately need and have frequently struggled to afford, and I am frustrated that my most vocal opponents seem to be speaking in the name of the Great Physician. Hopefully this post has cleared up some misconceptions about the Pill, or, at the very least, has put a human face on an issue that I thought this country settled decades ago.

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I hate to end this post on a note like that, so here’s a video of some adorably happy  animals:

And here’s the newest video clip from The Hunger Games, which I AM SO EXCITED IS COMING OUT THIS FRIDAY OH MY GOODNESS. I will definitely be doing a review post soon after I see it. This clip is of Katniss and Gale, when they say goodbye before Katniss goes to the Hunger Games. *somuchfangirlexcitement*