– Children will always be more awake than you at 7 in the morning.

-Do not underestimate the number of times you will be expected to sing any given camp song in a row. You will get tired of these songs AGES before any half-interested kid will.

-Also, kids love songs about underwear. Who knew?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a movie-going camp counselor will not need to go to the bathroom until right after you have returned from a bathroom run.

-Don’t ever even suggest an activity you aren’t 100% sure you’ll be doing later. Kids hear everything, and they hold you to more.

– Something about being in the pool turns you into a human magnet. Don’t try swimming with six kids latched onto you; bobbing in the shallow end is much safer.

– It might seem silly to you know, but try to remember how serious a crush was in middle school.

– Even more serious than middle school crushes? Arts and crafts. Do not violate this sacred time by suggesting that any activities begun today can be finished tomorrow.

– You will be exhausted when you get home. You will not remember having spent a twelve-hour period doing more and resting less. And you will love it.