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A nasty head cold is keeping me from sleeping right now, so I’ve been delving into some sociological texts as a way to pass the time. (If you would believe it, I’m reading these pieces for fun, not as a soporific!) In the course of that reading, I came across this quote by Michel Foucault, which is now going to be my go-to response should anyone ever question my enthusiasm for politics. It’s a fairly GQOY (gratuitous quote of yourself), and I had to share:

“Your question is: why am I so interested in politics? But if I were to answer you very simply, I would say this: why shouldn’t I be interested? That is to say, what blindness, what deafness, what density of ideology would have to weigh me down to prevent me from being interested in what is probably the most crucial subject to our existence, that is to say the society in which we live, the economic relations in which it functions, and the system of power which defines the regular forms and the regular permissions and prohibitions of our conduct. The essence of our life consists after all, of the political functioning of the society in which we find ourselves. So I can’t answer the question of why should I be interested; I could only answer it by asking why shouldn’t I be interested? Not to be interested in politics, thats what constitutes a problem. You should ask someone who is not interested in politics; “Why, damn it, are you not interested?”- Michel Foucault

That’s my answer, and I’m sticking to it.

I hope all of you are having a better night’s sleep than I am 🙂