Guys, I tried.

I really did.

I was going to sit this one out, I promise. I was going to let everyone else talk about the issue, debate it on Facebook, post the links to articles written by other people about the issue, and sit back and watch it all from the comfort of my disengaged recliner.

It was going to be my noble exercise in keeping my mouth shut.

But the more I saw posted, the more frustrated I got. And the more frustrated I get, the harder it is for me to keep from commenting.

So I caved.

And here we are.
Lauren’s Thoughts On This Whole Chick-Fil-A Debacle

1) Dan Cathy has a constitutional right to say whatever he wants, and to think whatever he chooses, about marriage equality. (And for the record, as if this needs iterating, I vehemently disagree with him.)

2) The fast-food eating American public has every right to take the public comments of a restaurant’s CEO and use that knowledge to help them decide how to spend their money. Regardless of how conscious you are of this, you do vote with your money, and all the more power to the people who realize this fact and use it to help create a world they want to live in. There are worse factors you could use in choosing where to eat lunch.

Bottom line? According to our Supreme Court, how we spend our money is an extension of our speech, and freedom of speech works both ways. It strikes me as odd that people are defending Dan Cathy’s right to voice his own opinion on gay marriage against the boycotters who would dare to voice their own opinions on the issue. The whole conversation seems ridiculously ironic, in my opinion.

I do think this conversation goes much deeper than where we choose to get our chicken sandwiches from, and what side of the debate we fall on can say a lot about our position on marriage equality and LGBT rights. It’s a satellite battle in a culture war, and shouldn’t be dismissed like so many people are doing. What high-profile, powerful people think about who should have what rights in our country matters, and we should be paying attention. What you do with this knowledge is your prerogative, and the only bad response is the one that is disrespectful to the people who take this seriously.

One last thought- It might be tempting to react defensively or with pride in our position, but it is so important that we treat this matter, like all things, with love, humility, and understanding. Especially for those of us who call ourselves Christians.

So yeah, yet another trending topic that I can’t keep my hands off of. When will I learn?